Refunds and Returns Policy


Able PPE does not offer Exchanges, Returns or Refunds of any kind on any items offered for sale on our website.

Understand what you are purchasing: For example: if you need an N95 mask with a headband, but ordered a KN95 with ear loops, we will not be responsible for that. Know and understand the items you are purchasing. We do not consider these as defects and are features of the manufacturing process.

Lost or Damaged Shipments: We will work on a case-by-case basis to investigate broken or lost shipments, but we provide no guarantee of replacement because of our limited supply during the pandemic.



These are medical supplies. Once they leave our control, we cannot provide those items to another customer. We do not want to sell you returned medical supplies.

The supplies are majority imported from China and sold in the US. Under the current pandemic conditions, we have to buy all goods in full and offer competitive pricing to our customers. It is impossible to return any goods to our manufacturers as the logistics and shipping costs, and duties are prohibitive.

To entertain any returns, we would have to incur at least 30% additional cost, which means we will have to pass the cost back to you, the customer. Instead, we ask you to make sure you are buying the product you will keep and use.

Our Policy-All sales are final, No exceptions.


Consumers expect ecommerce stores to offer a refund, credit or exchange when they return items. The law does not require sellers to accept returned items unless they are defective.

The State of California does not mandate that merchants have to take returns of merchandise purchased from them. The law requires that if a merchant does not want to accept returns, then he must post a clear and conspicuous notice to that effect in the store.

Such notice must be clear and placed by the cash register. Failure to follow these provisions will then create a presumed right of the consumer to return merchandise purchased at that store.